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  • Bubka silver nipple soothers are made with pure silver to prevent, repair and heal sore nipples. Supporting your breastfeeding journey. Also known as Silverettes.
    Bubka silver nipple soothers are made with pure silver to prevent, repair and heal sore nipples. Supporting your breastfeeding journey. Also known as Silverettes.
    Eco-Friendly Silver Nipple Soothers

    Eco-Friendly Silver Nipple Soothers

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OG Breast Pump Double
Shannon Dillon
Bubka OG

The most wonderful and cost effective bang for buck portable breast pumps!
Being a teacher I have extremely limited time to pump as we don’t really get a proper lunch break. Bubka has been an absolute life savour for me to juggle pumping, responding to emails, yard duty all in 20-30 minutes.
They have also come on many hens days, birthday parties and weddings.
Thank you ladies for creating the most wonderful portable breast pumps for us mummas! Xx

Bubka Silver Soothers are magic!!

I was looking for a natural remedy to help during breastfeeding. It felt like a never ending cycle. Bubka Nipple Soothers has helped me breastfeed without pain ❤️❤️❤️

LOVE the Bubka!!

I am loving the Bubka Pro 2. The fact that it's wireless and hands free makes pumping SO much easier. It means I've been able to get out and about without having to worry about getting home to pump. And it's really powerful!! After just 15 minutes of pumping I have enough milk for a full feed. Easy to clean, assemble and operate. Couldn't recommend it more highly!

Love this company!

I’ve bought a few things from Bubka over the last few months and I’m so satisfied! Products are excellent quality and costumer service is exceptional. Safe to say I’ll be continuing my breastfeeding journey with them for a while yet!

Highly recommended

Highly recommended for those looking for wireless breast pump. I got the same output as my Medela Swing and love the convenient that you can do other stuff while pumping.

Much better than Spectra!

My wife's life is a lot better since we switched from Spectra! Super comfortable, gets great milk flow, and most importantly the hands free component is a game changer! Incredible customer service too when we had questions.

Super convenient

I have been using the pumps for a while now and found them to me super convenient. It really is medical grade so it saves me a lot of time , since I need to pump while I’m at work too.

Amazing Pump

I’ve had the Bubka Pro 2 for about one month now and it has been a game changer! Very easy to use and clean and I get a great amount of milk from it. I bought it as I was struggling to breastfeed my newborn with my toddler running around and now I can pump freely and use the milk to bottle feed my newborn making us much more mobile and flexible. It’s really helped relieve the stress and pressure so much. Very happy with the product and so happy to support an Australian business!

This is the best baby product. What a game changer.

This is my second baby and I wish this was around then… I can’t believe how many hours of my life I have wasted holding both breast pumps or how long I have been attached to a wall because the batteries have run out. I can now pump on-the-go, while I am cooking, while I have friends over (I used to be so shy) and more. Thank you Bubka!

The Pump that changed my life!

I always thought I could NEVER pump, I had my first baby 3yrs ago. When she started daycare I would spend 40mins pumping to only get 20-30ml, it was so stressful and felt like a waste of time, plus I could never do anything in that 40mins as my hands were tied to pumping. So naturally I assumed I didn't have enough milk to pump, just enough to feed my baby. Fast forward 3yrs on and I now have a 8 week old and discovered the BUBKA MOVE. I had nothing to lose and gave it a go. WOW - Life changing, for two reasons.
1) I can get 120-150mls in each pumping session
2) I can work, clean, cook, drive and play with my kids whilst pumping. The Bubka Move sits so neatly inside my bra, its so discrete in it's sound, so simple to use and I now know I can confidently leave my baby knowing there will be enough milk to feed him whilst I am gone. AMAZING!!!!!

OG Breast Pump Single
Shannon Dillon
Bubka OG

Well done ladies on creating such wonderful pumps for us mums who want to be able to breastfeed/work and attend social events.
I’m not stuck pumping in a toilet cubicle thanks to the bubka pumps! I’ve taken them on hens days, birthdays and work every week where I easily clip them on to my bra, pull my top over them and continue working/ getting what I need done (being a teacher we don’t have time to sit still to pump for 15 minutes) so these pumps have been a life savour for me as I am on a very quick time limit to eat, toilet, pump, yard duty and then get back to teaching. Also a big reason why I’ve been able to continue exclusively breastfeed still at 15 months. Thank you bubka and you superstar ladies!
Also the best communication if you ever need to get in contact! I have recommended to all my friends and family who are looking for pumps as they’re amazing!

I love this product. The fact it comes in different sizes is perfect. They cause me no pain or discomfort compared to other breast pump flanges I have used previously. These flanges are amazing & such a must have for bubka pumps!

Aren’t these just the best thing ever!! They are super comfortable and are so easy to use. The fact they catch your milk let down is amazing. No liquid gold will go to waste now.

I use this bag for everything and carry it around everywhere. It is such high quality and fits everything I need for pumping perfectly! I will be using it for years and years to come.

I love these bags!! They have been so helpful and are such high quality. I love that they can go in either the fridge or freezer. They have saved me so much money as I just reuse after every use!! Super happy with the look and practicality of these bags. Such a must have!

I received this breast pump about two months ago now and it is amazing! I use it everyday and has honestly been such a life saver. It has taken the stress out of pumping and allows me to still enjoy special moments with my children. It saves me so much time as I can clean while pumping, cook while pumping etc. I have used multiple different pumps in the past and this hands down has been the best. I would highly recommend for any mum for any breast milk journey. Such a game changer!!

Loving the BUBKA

Game-changing pumps!!

Getting these pumps was genuinely game changing for me. Needing to pump had been unexpected to me as a first time mum, and I dreaded sitting alone in my room pumping so many times a day with the hospital pump I rented initially. Getting my Bubka pumps has really made such a difference. The order and delivery process was so efficient and easy (they arrived amazingly fast!!) and I haven’t looked back since. I love that I can be eating, doing laundry, playing with the bub and even blow drying my hair (just to name a few) with these on!! Thank you Bubka!!

Game changers!

These pumps are amazing. An absolute game changer being able to pump hands free! Love love love

The best!

These cookies are the tastiest and most effective for milk production (for me) on the market! Love them and so keen for another batch!

Amazing product

Love these milk saver bags, they hold a lot of milk and are very durable. The fact that you don’t have to throw them away after one use is fantastic. Could not be happier with them.

Choc Chip Cookies

Almost ate them all in one serving 😳 love them as a healthy pick me up in the day with the added benefits on my baby’s milk 💪

Best milk saver

I love the design of the bubka milk savers, the flat bottom and little pouring hole with a plug is great. I don’t spill milk out the pour hole and I can sit them on any surface without worrying they will spill because of the flat bottom. I couldn’t be happier with this product 😊

Great pump for elastic nipples

I can recommend the bubka pro 2 pump. It is as good as the hospital grade hire pumps. I pump to keep ahead of supply, but I have a lot of problems with flanges due to elastic nipples. The bubka comes with silicone flanges which work well for me and the lactation mode seems to really help me get more milk as well.

Great customer service

I ordered the silver nipple shields and unfortunately I was sent an empty box! I contacted Bubka via their chat feature and got a response within 15 minutes. They were very apologetic and expressed shipped out the nipple shields plus, an extra set and some milk collectors! Very happy with how they handled an unfortunate situation!