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Move Double


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Fit’s fully in bra without cords

Backflow protection for safe pumping

Hospital-Grade suction

Battery concealed

1:1 with Bubka Specialist

Sound level

Library Rainfall Toothbrush

Parts to clean

3 4 4

no. of sessions per charge*

5-6 3-4 1-2


12-months 6-months 30-days
Based on 109 reviews
Saved Me

My baby drank all of the milk I had with us when we got stuck in traffic. Luckily I had my Bubka with me, so I pumped in the car and poured it right into the bottle.
I'm writing this as I look at my Spectra, which is nicely sitting in the box at the top of the closet

Hands free effective pumping

Absolutely smitten with these breast pumps. Not only can I clean or look after bub with BOTH hands while I pump I also don't have to think too much about it .. it's set and forget until the end when I take our the milk. Game Changer. Love these

Very happy

These have been a lifesaver in my first few weeks postpartum

Breast milk bags

They’re okay. These silicone bags are good but I struggle to remove the lid properly each time I use it, so it’s a bit awkward for me! Think I prefer to use containers or other alternative bottles to bags in general. If milk bags are your thing though, I’d still recommend - especially if you have a UV steriliser machine - makes drying and sterilising so much more easy after each use of the milk bags compared to air drying or other sterilisation options.

Eco-Friendly Silver Nipple Soothers - absolute game changer

I bought these prior to giving birth and I’m SOO thankful that I did. These have been an absolute game changer, during my breastfeeding experience thus far… I wear them all the time and they’ve definitely saved my nipples from cracking/ excessive soreness. They’ve even aided in the recovery of one of my nipples which was blistered after the first feed!
Would encourage anyone who chooses to breastfeed, to purchase these!
And wear them straight away, even if you think you don’t need to, you will!!

A mums best friend

I highly recommend a bubka! My Bubka comes with me wherever I go and is so quick and easy to use. The customer service you receive is next level! Thank you Leish for all your guidance on choosing the correct pump and flange size.

Great little soothers

Found this handy post partum - soothing silver nipple covers. I recommend sizing up - though - I’m usually a smaller breasted lass but the nipple sizes increase during pregnancy (thanks hormones!). Good value too, thanks bubka!

Love the Bubka!

The Bubka has been great, and is a hit in my mother’s group. It has allowed me to have more freedom, and for my husband to bond with our baby by being able to feed her. Would recommend!!

She’s got the Moves

My Bubka Move is my absolute best friend in breastfeeding and work balance, helping my little one get plenty of my supply any time we are apart. I’ve tried several pumps over the years, and my Bubka Move is above and beyond the best I’ve ever used for convenience, cleaning and ease of use.

She’s got the Moves

My Bubka Move is my absolute best friend in breastfeeding and work balance, helping my little one get plenty of my supply any time we are apart. I’ve tried several pumps over the years, and my Bubka Move is above and beyond the best I’ve ever used.

Move Breast Pump Double
Karina Zigulova
Move breast pump

When I first got it and looked at it, I thought there is no way this is going to work, but let me tell you, yes it does!
Best purchase ever!!! It's cord free, tube free, hands free and no bottles hanging off your boobs. Wow, life changing! It makes you want to pump, to see if it's going to actually work and it didn't dissapoint. Well done guys, great product, makes our busy mums life a touch easier. Great service as well, arrived in like two days and got a free milk catchers. Now someone needs to create a see-through bra so that we can see what's going on in there, for those unpatient, osd people...

Amazing quality and fantastic price! Support local businesses!

Good customer service

My pump was almost 2 weeks late but after reaching out about the problem the bubka customer service team really helped and responded super fast and sorted everything out for me and I received my package within 2 days

Hooray for hands free

I’m loving the Bubba pro 2 what a life saver it’s so much easier now to pump with hands free and still be able to walk around getting things done. I was also surprised at how much milk I was able to pump what used to take me two pump session to get enough milk for one bottle I can now do in one session and less than 15 minutes.
The pump is super easy to use I also love the different express modes. Honestly wish I had this six months ago it would have made life much easier.
Customer service has also been amazing I’ll definitely be back to buy more breast feeding supply’s couldn’t recommend highly enough!

Hooray for wearable pumps and wonderful customer service!

Having had spent the first year of my first daughter’s life attached to a wall pump and then looking down the barrel of another year with my second, I am so pleased I came across an article listing the best wearable pumps- for me, Bubka stood out based on the other reviews and I’m really pleased with my purchase. My output is on par with what I get from the wall pump with the added bonus of getting to actually do stuff, albeit chores. An additional reason for the five stars is the exceptional customer service provided by Leish and Ari when there was an issue with my order- above and beyond and much appreciated! I am very pleased with my purchase and have already recommended the pumps to a friend who is expecting in a few months time. Thanks so much!

Bloody good

It’s every mum’s prayer, so good!

Breastfeeding Must Have and amazing customer service to boot

Without bubka my breastfeeding journey would have ended long ago! This time I'm breastfeeding twins with a 3 year old running around. The bubka let me continue breastfeeding without being chained to a seat or a wall - it really is a game changer.
While it's a decent investment it's by far my most used (and loved) baby product.
Old school customer service make warranty claims easy if ever needed.


High quality and efficient product plus the extraordinary service.

Love!! I already thought the world of my Bubka Pro 2 pump, but the Bubka Move is next level. Less parts to handle and so much more discreet when using. A great decision to upgrade!

LOVE my Bubka products

The silver nipple soothers are working a treat in these early postpartum days I really disliked using any gels last time so this is a great alternative! I also can't get enough of the incredible quality of the reusable milk storage bags! Highly recommend

Game changer

As a mum of twins and a toddler (3 under 2) this has been a game changer for me. I was ready to give up on pumping and move to formula but then I found the bubka move and can pump while bottle feeding the twins or playing with my toddler! I actually get more milk from this than I was from the medela symphony because I’m relaxed while pumping and enjoying the flexibility it gives me. Could not recommend more highly

OG Breast Pump Double
Shannon Dillon
Bubka OG

The most wonderful and cost effective bang for buck portable breast pumps!
Being a teacher I have extremely limited time to pump as we don’t really get a proper lunch break. Bubka has been an absolute life savour for me to juggle pumping, responding to emails, yard duty all in 20-30 minutes.
They have also come on many hens days, birthday parties and weddings.
Thank you ladies for creating the most wonderful portable breast pumps for us mummas! Xx

Bubka Silver Soothers are magic!!

I was looking for a natural remedy to help during breastfeeding. It felt like a never ending cycle. Bubka Nipple Soothers has helped me breastfeed without pain ❤️❤️❤️

LOVE the Bubka!!

I am loving the Bubka Pro 2. The fact that it's wireless and hands free makes pumping SO much easier. It means I've been able to get out and about without having to worry about getting home to pump. And it's really powerful!! After just 15 minutes of pumping I have enough milk for a full feed. Easy to clean, assemble and operate. Couldn't recommend it more highly!

Love this company!

I’ve bought a few things from Bubka over the last few months and I’m so satisfied! Products are excellent quality and costumer service is exceptional. Safe to say I’ll be continuing my breastfeeding journey with them for a while yet!